Do you know an emerging leader who should be a part of Leadership Macon?  Leadership Macon provides an opportunity for participants to learn about the challenges facing Middle Georgia and encourages them to take on those challenges to improve Macon and Bibb County.


 Please  click here  to complete a nomination form.  Upon nomination, we will send an application to your nominee.  Please contact Lynn Farmer at or (478) 621-2017 if you have any questions.  Nominations will be accepted until October 10, 2015.


  • Dear Leadership Macon:

    Please accept the following communication as nomination for Mr. Kris Sutter for “Leadership Macon.” To best cover this candidates impeccable qualifications, I am using the many qualities listed on your website so as to make sure I cover the diverse expertise the nominee has a proven leader.

    Mr. Sutter served as my immediate supervisor from October 2014 until April 2016. His steadfast leadership and unwavering support for my success are two of the many things I consider to be contributing to my modest achievements in serving Veterans. Kris’s friendship was evident and unconditional to me. His generosity is something that I will always be grateful to receive.

    The list of qualities you seek are what drive’s Kris Sutter every day. He not only emulates these things as examples for others to follow but effectively teaches subordinates how to be tomorrow’s leaders in the same way. I offer you my observations regarding the following:

    Accountable: Kris Sutter never shirks his obligations and is humble in receiving accolades for a job well done and does not personalize any constructive criticism he may receive. Most admirable is that Mr. Sutter always stands behind and supports his rank and file under supervision. Kris not only believes in helping people succeed through utilizing proper strategies but also shares when a charge needs to perfect a task, duty or assignment to the highest degree.

    Charismatic: This nominees charisma makes him a natural born leader. Mr. Sutter’s professional curiosity always brings him to the center of activity. He is always eager to both learn new things to share with others and when appropriate, teach others using the benefit of his wisdom. His kind, easy going approach and witty sense of humor simply makes new comers gravitate towards him.

    Communicator: The candidate is one of the most effective communicator’s I have had the pleasure of working with at any time. Kris understands the fact that much is often lost in translation when crossing geographic, ethnic, religious, gender, cultural or any boundaries and has the depth to restate information in multiple forms to help a listener, student or trainee grasp the greatest meaning possible.

    Confident: When the sky is falling Mr. Sutter’s calm presence always helps to defuse any tense situation. His actions, words and support speak to the fact he has learned by experience and is not afraid to pave new trails in finding the best way to achieve his goals. Kris doesn’t acknowledge the word “Failure.” To him there are only learning experiences.

    Consensus Builder: Building consensus is one of Mr. Sutter’s most admirable qualities. Working with Kris in a large organization showed me the true essence of diplomacy and compromise. Mr. Sutter always knows there to find common ground in the most extreme circumstance. He only requires that people work “in good faith” towards the goal of a better outcome or end goal.

    Courageous: Working in Veteran’s Service with Kris the word “courage” is something we heard often. I will not cite detail but I can attest with certainty that Kris Sutter is a man with immense courage. Time and time again I observed how Kris can proactively address conflict, resolve issues and build a team atmosphere among individuals with differing points of view. To say that he confronts personal challenges courageously is simply an understatement. The man deals with adversity that would challenge a person of any character and he does so with dignity, class and enthusiasm.

    Decision Maker: Kris taught me that the only “bad decision” is the one not made. Mr. Sutter took great patience in showing me that neglecting potential pitfalls is the most certain way to guarantee that a bad situation can be made worse. Kris’ mantra to me is “show you care and you have half the solution at hand.” I pride myself on taking that lesson away from his leadership of my program, mentoring of me as a Veteran’s Service Professional and as a stellar example of how human beings are supposed to treat one another.

    Delegator: Mr. Sutter wore many “hats” in his role as Asst. Program Manager of Mental Health. Suffice to say that the tasks, duties and operations he undertook was enough to fill the plate of three people, but what I would eventually find is that Kris success in part was due to his ability not just knowing who to delegate duties to but how to anticipate a positive outcome and make contingency plans whether it materialized or needed more work to make successful.

    Director: As a Director, although not in title, Kris should great resolve in making both popular decisions and unpopular decisions. His effectiveness in getting the proverbial “buy in” from others is admirable. He does not dismiss nor put aside the opinions, ideas, objections or concerns from others – he carefully weights all these things and offers his best conclusions and does so in such a way that a contributor feels their words were considered and thoughtfully weighed against the objective of the mission(s).

    Disciplined: I will cite Mr. Sutter’s penchant for self discipline in the terms of “work ethic.” Simply put, I never once felt that Mr. Sutter wanted me or anyone he led here at the VA to work harder, longer, or differently than he is/was willing to do so himself. His organizational skills are second to none. I picked up many useful strategies simply watching Mr. Sutter organize his workload.

    Fair, Honest, Inclusive: I put these three qualities together because the go hand in hand which are three elements that Mr. Sutter is amazingly consistent. We worked together in an atmosphere where it would have been easy for Kris to take the attitude that shortcomings were “someone” else’s responsibility to rectify. But, not Kris – he always takes a fair view of the situation at hand, measures what he can effectively do to help and is marvelously effective at building a team to attack a problem with zest, optimism, integrity and most importantly with the notion that everyone has something unique and positive to contribute to a goal or team building endeavor.

    Visionary: I can only attest that Kris Sutter is indeed visionary, at least when it comes to government operations and human nature. His assessment of a possible outcome to a particular situation transcends “educated guess” and borders of prophecy. In the easiest terms possible, I will tell you that Kris Sutter is schooled in the fickle nature of human behavior. He can see potential in people or events that the average person cannot possibly fathom.

    These are just some, but not all, of the many superb qualities Mr. Sutter can bring to the Macon Leadership. I know that you will sense the same immediately. There is no question on whether Kris will continue to be a leader… the only question is will he be a leader for the Macon Leadership effort.

    I hope you share my sentiments. Thank You..

    • Mr. Rice,

      Nominations are normally done on an application on our website under the heard Nominate. If you will send me contact information for Mr. Sutter, I will be glad to fill our the form for you. I will need to be able to email and mail him an application.

      Thank you for your nomination and wonderful endorsement of him.

      Lynn Farmer

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