Criteria for Leadership

Nominees for Leadership Macon must be 26 or older by the end of the previous year.  The selection process is objective and includes an interview which will be scheduled after the nominee applies for the class. Class size is limited. Nominees who best meet the criteria will be selected. The selection committee will consider criteria as listed below:

Nomination and Recommendation

The nominator is part of the criteria for selection. This person’s opinion of and relationship to the candidate, personal observation of the candidate and length of time knowing the candidate are important factors.

Leadership Potential

Candidates must show present success or future potential for success in leadership positions. Nominators should consider the following leadership traits in evaluating candidates for nomination:

Accountable, Charismatic, Communicator, Confident, Consensus Builder, Courageous, Decision Maker, Delegator, Director, Disciplined, Fair, Honest, Inclusive, Industrious, Integrity, Intelligent, Listener, Motivator, Open Minded, Persistent, Personable, Poised, Presence, Problem Solver, Responsive, Transformer, Visionary.

Leadership Interest

Candidates must express interest in making the commitment to the responsibility and time obligations of leadership.

History of Community Involvement

Candidates will be evaluated on past volunteer activity.

Commitment During Class Year

Candidates must agree to attend all monthly sessions during their class year. They must agree to participate openly. They must also complete any class and homework assignments. The Leadership Macon Board of Directors may make exceptions under extraordinary conditions. Participants so excused may be required to make up work and/or class time.

Employer Support

Candidates must have a signed statement of support for their participation in the class from their employer. This signed statement confirms support of the candidate in the program and the supporter’s understanding of the commitments.


The candidate must pay tuition for the class. Tuition for the 2023 class year is $1700 for Chamber members and $1950 for non members.  Tuition will be billed and will be payable in January 2023 before the retreat. Payment arrangements and scholarship assistance are available under special circumstances. For more information, contact Lynn Farmer at (478) 621-2017.

How to nominate

Leadership Macon takes nominations for potential applicants from alumni or any other interested citizens. This process is handled using an online form that collects nominations. Nominations for 2023 will be accepted until October 10, 2022.