Greetings, Leadership Macon Alumni,

 Happy New Year???????  The new year has traditionally been touted as celebrating new beginnings.  But, with the continued challenges of this health pandemic and its consequences, life feels more like a dreaded repeat than a fresh restart.

However, the new 2022 Leadership Macon class is underway and with the graduation of the 2020-21 class, we will shift our attention away from the challenges and proactively focus on the new year, new opportunities, and new programs.

As a part of continuous improvement and growth, the members of the Leadership Macon Advisory Board are taking the time to assess our programmatic structure and operations to insure alignment with the Chamber of Commerce’s strategic plan.  In addition to relevant and quality programs for the current class, we want to be certain that we provide meaningful educational and social connections for our valued alumni.  Sustaining and building upon our Leadership Macon community connections are critical as we work to strengthen community unity and progress.

We need your help!  Through surveys, focus groups and one on one conversations, we want to hear your voices so we can be truly responsive to your needs.  We also ask that you remain a viable force through your gifts of time and resources and payment of your annual dues.  We want to build upon the progress that has been going for 42 years.

Stay connected and involved and remind classmates to do the same. We need you! Happy New Year!

For a stronger community,
Sylvia W. McGee  ‘83
President, 2022 Leadership Macon Advisory Board